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This Put It Into Perspective :-)

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...a bit.  While watching some YouTube last night, this brought back, in quite a bit of detail, the shit show that was @jsharr's Texas during the big chill there in early 2021.  Wow. Talk about a complete cluster!  These folks are funny because they are Floridians in TX during a winter storm even :D  Not very prepared for the cold, but no better or worse than the locals, so I can't laugh too hard at Florida Man and Woman when Texas folks were on the verge of slipping into the Dark Ages.


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1 minute ago, Old No. 7 said:

I couldn’t take listening to her voice more than one minute. Nope.

I am used to Southern twangs, so it doesn't bother me at all :)  But, yeah, I still think it's worth the listen.  TX was literally a day from cannibalism.  Insane.

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