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I'm prepping big time for winter.  In the spring I planted six basil plants, one big boy tomato plant and one roma tomato plant.  For some reason all plants really took off.  I harvested basil as needed but had to cut them back a lot four different times.  I processed the basil with some olive oil, put about a cup into sandwich bags and by the first freeze I have 24 pesto starter kits in the freezer.  When I was overwhelmed with tomatoes I chopped them and cooked them down with onion, garlic and olive oil and canned them into pint jars.  I now have about 17 pints of tomatoes put up in the basement.  The recent freeze I harvested a bucket of green tomatoes.  I sorted them by size and made fried green tomatoes using the three largest, wrapped about 16 mid-size tomatoes in newspaper to ripen them.  The small ones I chopped with jalapenos, onion, cilantro, lime juice salt and pepper to make salsa verde.  I ended up with 9 cups which I canned into 15 quarter-pints and two half-pint jars.  I've never done this before now, does this mean we're in for a bad winter? Or is this caused by my exposure to the organic gardening forum? 



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