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Good Morning!


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I woke up this morning, checked when we're going to be hit by Ian, then realized every appliance in the house depends on electricity.

We're supposed to only get 15 mph or less winds and 33 mph or less gusts, but plenty of tropical storm rain Friday through Monday on fairly saturated ground. Hopefully the winds won't be enough to knock trees into power lines. That shouldn't be a problem with temps in the 50's an 60's as long as I can heat Beefaroni, Campbell's soup, etc. heat on the gas range.

I can turn the gas on the stovetop but I can't light it - no such thing as pilot lights in new appliances.

So I have to go out and get one of those grill lighters today in case I lose power due to fallen trees.  There's a Lowe's on the way to the supermarket where I need to pick up a few things.

I'm still not convinced I need to buy a generator.  We lost power for 3 days in 2011, first time I can remember something like that happening, and I got a generator after that - lost in the house fire - that I never needed.  Maybe in the future if we're expecting to get really whacked, though the roof I added over the outside basement steps and a great, sealing door keeps water out now.. A 3500 running watt generator is $500 at Harbor Freight with a 4.8 gallon gas tank that will run the generator for 9-16 hours, depending on load.  I could intermittently run it to run the sump pump, furnace, etc.  Maybe good insurance.

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