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Day of digging


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23 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

Today, I planted about 200 bulbs, and moved about 30 iris tubers.  These iris were the last of the stuff I had squirreled up here, and temp planted.  I have bunches of yellow and some white daffodils.  I also planted crocus and hyacinth.  Next up I will do a mass seeding of wildflower, clover, lupine, and wild celery.  I believe I am now done with planting bulbs in the meadow.  Now I will focus on seeding natives and continuing our tree planting.  Christmas trees should come out soon.  I would like a ponderosa pine for our live Christmas tree for 2022.

HODH is busy making a dirt sifter.  He is planning some work on our jumps, and he likes primo dirt for the project.   We also are installing a pull out drawer in the kitchen.  

This place gets better and better everytime we sink a shovel in a earth.  


We will expect spring pics for this incredible floral bust-out.

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2 hours ago, Airehead said:

Sounds lovely. What goes in the new pull out?

The builders screwed up my drawers and installed just simple cabs. My lower cabs are not functional. Everything falls over and is hard to get out. It will be pots and pans in the pull out. Next month or so we will do the second cab. Just one cab this time. 

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