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Labour shortages..how long or maybe we'll have more takeout, etc.


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We are living in a perfect storm, post-covd for labour shortages in certain areas (not all) and some of those areas are critical for now: inflation, different workplace expectations accentuated post-covid,  labour shorages in retail, restaurant and hospitality (hotel, tourism, etc.), health care (burnt out employees, etc.),..some trades (which has been going on pre-covid in Canada), etc.  

"The generational shift taking place in the labour force could bring some qualitative benefits, as generation Z appears to have little interest in courting burnout and other forms of job-related stress the way the all-work-and-no-play baby boomers did. A handover to a new crop of leaders might also be good for innovation. “Young people who are joining the workforce today will reach positions of influence much more quickly than in the past. That’s the most transformational element of the labour shortage,” Guy Cormier, chief executive of financial services co-operative Desjardins Group, told the Gazette. “They will influence society through their values. Look at how many young mayors there are across Quebec today. This is the kind of generational change that many companies are going to experience.”

I think there will be even more innovations/pressures, to automate to replace some humans, still have people, but fewer of them, but different set of skills. Even working from home, if you want to be  effective, for some jobs is improving your communication skills....because the focus becomes more uber focused how you present in voice/on screen, etc.  THat's the only thing listeners have ..unless they read your written stuff.

As for immigration to boost our workforce, well, still enough locals, get really touchy even when with more people enter in now more educated than ie. 50 yrs. ago.

It will take some time ...few more years to get out of this strange time period. By the way, were baby boomers really that work-obsessed?  I just think it's more just knowing about survival. That's all. We're not even like the previous generation...we went on way more vacations, etc.

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