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Sunday plans?


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Get my mom, take her to church, then back to our house for the Chili and football party🌶🌶🌶🏈🏈🏈

Doors open at noon, Chili is served at 12:30, and Football game starts at 1. Expect about a dozen people. I made a double batch, 3.5 pounds of ground beef, 2 Spanish Onions and 6 cans of Campbell’s Tomato Soup. 😋😋😋

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Just cut about 1000 heads off the globe amaranth to dry for tea. this is my 4th trip to the garden to trim the plant and dry the flowers.
Maybe I'll mow the backyard, but I need to go out and get a new lunchbox for work. the one I'm using is too small for what I need.  

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I'm recovering from my birthday party yesterday - about 15 of us eating crabs, sloppy Joes, hot dogs, hamburgers, wings, and salads and washing it down with beer.

Today, while watching the NFL, I'll be having ground beef Stroganoff on egg noodles, later a couple pieces of leftover fried chicken and fresh garden tomatoes.  While watching the games, I'll also be scanning a bunch of online recipes and researching how to make a Stovetop or Instant Pot Copycat Dinty Moore Beef Stew, a potentially promising start being here and here.  There's double the beef in the recipes I've seen, 2-3 lb, compared to the 1.4 lb lb I use for Mulligan Stew and Dumplings, so I'll need a 3 lb chuck roast and keep a look-out for a sell-by-date sale!

I learned at the party that there's a "Sprouts Farmers Market" about a 20 min. drive from my home that probably has the parsnips I can't find for the Martha Stewart's Savory Fall Stew I love and am going to maker this week (I sub 1 lb potatoes for 1 of the 2.5 lb of butternut squash, sweet onions for tiny onions, and cut it up in smaller pieces than the site's picture for a soupy stew).  I'm going make a quick trip there in a few minutes to check the place out, maybe pick up some other fresh veggies, so I'll have everything I need to make that stew when the urge strikes me, before I settle down to watch the Ravens beating the Bills from 1-4 pm.

P.S.  Went to Sprouts Farmers Market: great prices on veggies and fruit, awful prices on meat.  Got 1.5 lb of the parsnips I went looking for and 3 Honeycrisp apples.


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I screwed up my lower back so taking it easy.  We are dog sitting two sweet little dogo’s so we already fed & took them out.  We’ll check in them again later today. Going to the LGS shortly with my daughter & CJ (I play with CJ so mom can shop).  Family dinner later.

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Since 2003 on the second Sunday in October, I've ridden the Pumpkin Pie Ride.   The local riding club voted back in June to cancel the ride due to uncertainties.  :angry:   They had the ride in 2021.   

So...   we mowed most of the grass and used a mowing pattern that also cleared the yard of the leaves too.

Today was bratwurst, corn, baked potatoes, carrots and beer.  :)

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