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A sure sign the pandemic is over


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2 hours ago, 2Far said:

The bowl of Tootsie Rolls is back out at Planet Fitness. 

However, the possibility exists that the contents were made before the shutdown. 

Among the vaccinated, when anyone catches COVID now, it's like a mild version of the flu and rarely fatal unless there are other health complications.

But the USA still has a daily average of 437 deaths/day, which would be 159,500 deaths/year, with the unvaxxed supplying 120,000 deaths/day.

Still, that's only half of last Fall's daily rate.  It will be interesting to see what the peak death rate is in January or February.

There has been a tendency for killer virus strains to evolve to less-lethal strains and hopefully that will continue with Covid.  Omicron has infected so many people mildly and provided a lot of resistance to Delta and the Original strains so that Delta and Original have virtually disappeared.

I caught Omicron for 6 mild days in June, was boosted against the Original and Omicron in September when I also got my flu shot.  So I'm ready for this winter.

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