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1 minute ago, maddmaxx said:

Get on the other side of the guardrail if there is one.  Drivers drift in the direction they are looking and they are looking at you.

Or get a LONG distance away from the traffic.   If that can't be done, it saver safer to stay in the car.  And be sure the car is as far away from the traffic as possible...  even into the grass are if that's possible. 

Driving thru a construction zone on an expressway near Chicago,  there was some kind of debris on the road, small enough you don't see it, but large enough I heard a noise and the pssst all the just about instantly left my tire.  At least it was a rear tire.    I drove on that tire way too much, but I was looking for a safe place to pull over and change a tire.  I knew the next exit was too many miles down the road.   I found a safe place.  I changed the tire as fast as possible,, and threw the jack and bad tire back into the trunk and got out of there ASAP.    

The tire shop told me I killed the tire.  I told him at least the traffic didn't kill me.   The wheel was fine. (then again they are cheap too)   

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