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15 minutes ago, MoseySusan said:

It was here in ABQ, too. The venue is now showing a similar immersive projection of Frida Kahlo. I don’t plan to go… Kahlo’s bones, lost pregnancies, and monkeys are a little disturbing in 2D. Not sure I want the immersive fetal experience. 

They are also playing King Tut Frida and Bob Marley immersive.

No plans to go to any of those. This was just done on a lark to do something different.

We enjoyed it a lot though.

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The video, from the middle on, features a lot of Van Gogh's paintings from his "Yellow Period" - a high amount of yellow is in the paintings.

He was prescribed the medication digitalis - which comes from the foxglove plant which sits on a table in front of Van Gogh's doctor in his portrait of the doctor.

Digitalis causes yellow hues to be seen where there are none!

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