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Well, there goes the neighborhood! lol.....


Hi everyone- thanks to UB, I stumbled onto this place. I see several names from the past that I recognize; looks like a great place! Technically, I'm now BConnerCA as I moved from AZ, but it's just easier to keep the same name on all the forums. It's been an awesome year on the bike for me; I should finish the year with around 7500 miles, of which 5k will be commuting. I'm really proud of that. The bike collection continues to grow, and my beautiful wife continues to "understand"...lol. Anywhoo- great to see some farmiliar names, and I look forward to hanging out here. Looks like I'd better get over to Strava and join you there too.



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Have I ever caught a delicious bass for you?


Also, what is your view on the inclusion or exclusion of beans in regard to chili?


Do you urinate in the cubical  in which one is sprayed with water from the ceiling and / or wall in order to remove foreign substances from your epidermis and fine, keratinized filamentous epidermal growth?

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