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A bit melancholy


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This weekend was a bit sad for me.  Each year, our local Boy Scout Council has a camp called Cuboree at Camp Wisdom in Dallas.  It is for Tiger, Wolf and Bear Cub Scouts.  I attended my first Cuboree in 2007 with Wade and I attended my last Cuboree over the weekend with Ryan.

For four of those years, I have been the Cubmaster of our pack, meaning that lots of new parents and leaders turn to me for help, etc.  This in turn means that I am often serving and not camping with my son.

So this weekend, I took some time off from being the Cubmaster and just went camping with my son.  We shot bows and arrows, and BB guns and crossed a monkey bridge, did some arts and craft, made smores  and hiked in the woods a bit and just had a good time. 

When it rained Saturday night, our old two man tent sprung a few leaks, so we slept in the back of my Ford.  Ryan was excited, as we were really “roughing it” by sleeping in the car.  I just enjoyed the moment and did not point out that roughing it would be sleeping in a wet tent.

Anyway,  it has been a great 7 years  but it made me realize that I only have two years of Cub Scouts left with Ryan and then hopefully he will earn his Arrow of Light and cross over to a Boy Scout Troop and my days as a Cub Scout leader may be over.

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