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Um yea, HK folks to Middle East


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So because of democracy crackdown, folks in HK are leaving in numbers, since 2020... if they can afford it, overseas. Permanently. Of course, some already had other country citizenship, like CAnada.

And Middle East is trying to court them (are they after money? expertise? :huh: since this wave includes educated, experienced professionals). It isn't exactly initial / natural preferred immigrant destination for HK'ers. 

So hot, maybe hang-out in cloistered world of expats, when some Middle Eastern country societies, are very different/limiting for women, etc.

Yes, I've talked to local colleagues who did live in Dubai for 1-5 yrs. And yes, they were Asian-Canadians.  They returned to Canada.

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4 hours ago, Dottles said:

I don’t do well in the heat. Or following rules for that matter.

And I couldn't go cycling so freely and easily (because of the heat). Some of those cities....are truly car dependent and people hunker down in shopping malls if they don't have air-conditioning or as part of local entertainment.

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