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I hate automated internet communications


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My Dell laptop service is currently in limbo.  I keep getting an email listing my appointment time for in home service but the time and date are listed as pending the arrival of parts.  I cannot confirm a "pending" and I cannot contact the service technician (unknown person).  Contacting Dell and Unisys simply causes another of the same email to be generated.  (call center crap).

They are never going to get the part because Dell shipped it here.  All I need now is for the technician to sit his ass down in the chair at my table and do the work.  He won't schedule that because he's/she's waiting for the part that will never arrive.  

The automated system can't digest this and the call center is little help.

Stupid stuff.

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I finally burned through to the Dell call center where I didn't understand what the lady was saying but I engaged an internet chat.  That provided a written phone number for Unisis appointment scheduling.  A phone call to them seems to have produced a promise that the service center will get the information that I have the part.

I don't understand what language is being used in these calls however.  I must be getting old.

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