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36 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

Nice. When I shot 35mm, I had  (and still have) a Canon AE1-Program. Had it repaired couple times, but shot thousands of rolls thru it. Still works.

My Nikon Ftn that I bought new in 1968 still works too.  Unlike with Canon I can still use all those lenses on the new Nikon.


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39 minutes ago, Airehead said:

We expect dog pictures. 

Hope to use it at the race this weekend if it isn't too warm and the race gets cancelled.  Runs have already been reduced to 1 mile.  Granddaughter Kiara is entered in Jr scooter and canicross.  I'm in 1 and 2 dog bike and canicross. We did 1 dog practice runs this evening.

I think LIndy would like to come run with us. 

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Nice camera...  D850   :)

That one thing I didn't do many years ago when I switched from to my Cannon AE-1 to Nikon... was go to a full frame sensor. 

That said my D70 still works.  I tried to kill it once on Cape Hatters on vacation.  I tripped and fell over and the camera and a lens hit the road before I did.  :(  I found the Nikon authorized repair place in the Chicago area.   They made the repairs.  It was cheaper than I expected.

Then (12 years ago now) I got the D7000 and a new lens.  

Then again... both cameras still take great pictures and exceed my needs by a lot. 

I still have my old Cannon film cameras and lenses.  I removed the batterers and I'd bet they will still work.  

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My D70 died.  D200 still works.  D750 isn't working but grandson is getting it repaired.  D850 is impressive but still have a lot to learn

Race this weekend has been shortened to one day racing on Sunday.    We will be going either Friday evening or Saturday morning.  Saturday is forecast to be very warm and rainy.   Not real sure what we will get for pictures but hope to start learning the new camera.


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