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My cat, Bo.

Shu Fang

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Most of you remember my cat Tom.  He's the one with the pooping problem.  I feed Tom separately from the other cats because of his diet.  Tom eats in my office down in the basement.

Every day, Bo eventually makes his way down to my office after I feed Tom.  Most of the time, there isn't any food left after feeding Tom but once in a great while, Bo is able to clean the feed bowl.  Bo likes food.  Bo is very fat.

Well today, there was no food in the bowl.  Tom ate all of his food today.  Naturally, this really pissed off Bo!

Bo protested, in the only way he knows how too.  In his anger, Bo dropped a #2 in the litter box this morning.  The smell not only cleared out the basement; it somehow set the family of four's house on fire down the street.  Yea, it's pretty fucked up.



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