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Tell me a joke


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Guy walks into a bar and orders a beer.  Notices at the end of the bar a huge jar of money and a horse.


Bartender - What's up with the jar of money and the horse?


Bartender says "For $5 If you can make the horse laugh, you get the jar of money."


Guy finishes his beer, walks down and puts his $5 in the jar.  


Guy whispers in the horses ear and the horse is down on the floor laughing hysterically.  Guy grabs the jar and walks out.


Couple months later same guy returns to the bar to see the same thing.  He asks the bartender what's up


Bartender says "For $10 you need to make the horse cry, jar is yours"


Guy pays up, walks over to the horse, next thing you know the horse is bawling like a newborn


Guy grabs the jar but before he can leave the bartender stops him


I gotta know man, how did you do that?


Guy replies


Well, the first time I told him my dick was bigger than his


This time I showed him

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Back in 1910 a conductor on the the NYC subway system was fired for sleeping on the job.  Lacking employment, he turned to crime.  He robbed a bank, shooting the bank guard in the process.  He was convicted of murder after the guard died, and was sentenced to death by the electric chair.  When they tried to electrocute him the chair wouldn't work because he was a non-conductor.



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