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I thought of Nate this weekend


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so while taking a little stroll at camp on Sunday morning, I began to hum Tin Cup Chalice. Then I began to sing Tin Cup Chalice and as I did, I thought of Nate's honeysuckle thread.


For those of you that are not familiar with Tin Cup Chalice see below


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you know, that story had alot of nostalgic elements to it. That tune fits it. It would never happen that way today. Hell, a cell phone would have been all it took to wrap that story up before we even got lost


Also, when I posted that one, I hadn't read it in a couple years, so when I read it again I remembered back.


It was so long ago now, it was like a different life and a different world than the one I live today


to think I used to have days like that all the time


well, then we sign a mortgage and get some responsibilities and then we have the life we have, don't we?

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