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I'm a little happier today


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We still have mom and the boy staying with us, but their dogs went to the kennel yesterday so I got mine back. Gracie slept wedged as tightly as she could get between my wife and I on the bed and Sasha slept between my feet. I couldn't move all night... and it was wonderful! I really missed my doggies. 


Mom has found another place for her to stay after January first. Their dogs will be with her, but the boy will continue to stay with us for now.  She has admitted that he is flourishing here. He is happy, well fed and getting stellar grades. She even said that she is more relaxed than she has been in two years after being here for a only a week. Her house hunt will continue, but it's hard to find something right now. The Superbowl is here this year and we live near the stadium. People are renting their houses out for ridiculous sums of money until after that. 

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