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I freaking HATE....


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I have never done intervals on a trainer.  I can't find the motivation to push hard while on a trainer.


Outside, on normal surfaces....I do like to pump it up.  It just doesn't work for me spinning inside.


I do heavy work on a elliptical at the though.  I like those stupid machines.  I usually set it to intervals for an hour.  Then,. I do weights.  It seems to keep me fit and ready.  

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I'm just happy to be turning the pedals instead of being a sloth


Plus ... they use video from Paris - Roubaix ... Its easy to sprint for 30 seconds while chasing Tom Boonen in the Velodrome


I never catch the bastard though, he ALWAYS wins.  LOL

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And that is why I NEVER rode the trainer more than once a winter for more than 5 minutes.  I just couldn't take it.


Strava has a couple of Sufferfest videos in the training section ... it makes it way more ... well, less monotonous.


Was gonna say way more enjoyable, but it's a bike, to nowhere, inside.  Nothing enjoyable about that.  LOL

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