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Do you get enough protein?

Road Runner

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On Dr Oz yesterday, they discussed the need to eat the proper amount of protein to reduce the effects of aging on the body.


The expert said at least 20 grams per meal (65 grams per day for men, about 50 for women).


I try to get adequate protein in my diet, but it isn't always that easy.  I supplement with nuts, peanut butter and the occasional whey milk shake.


They also mentioned exercise is important to fight aging, but I assume everyone here exercises.  Do you track your protein intake?

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I don't really track it.  If I don;'t get enough, I start to feel weak.  


My breakfast is either an egg/cheese sammie on whole grain toast or whole oats with some milk.


Lunch usually has some type of protein like nuts, beans or meat.


Dinner changes so much but there is always a protein in there.  


My breakfast had 29 grams I think.

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