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The neighbor just pissed me off


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I went a knocking on the door and he told me he did not let his damn dogs outside at 3 am. Their barking woke me up out of a good nights sleep.

I told him his dogs were not inside all night from midnight on.

He said the dogs I heard barking were not coming from my bedroom window.

He told me it was impossible for hi dogs to have been out at that time since he was asleep also. He then told me to go home, get on the computer and listen to the chirping sounds coyotes make. He heard a pack of them about the same time that his damn dogs woke me up.

So far I have not heard from him, but he has his dogs outside. That dam puppy is barking up a storm at the cars going by  :) 


I may put it in a bowl and let it roll around for a year or two.


And he came to the door in a blue shirt with two stars on it.  Told me if I kept complaining, I could get some potato warming points.  I think he is short of sleep and talking Krazy, since he and his damn dogs have been up since 3 am.

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Potato loins?  Do you cover those with potato loin clothes?  What does a potato loin cloth look like?  Where can you purchase potato loin clothes?  If a potato is out in public without a potato loin cloth, can they be arrested for public indecency?  What does an indecent potato look like?  Can you make decent mashed potatoes with indecent potatoes?  If you make mashed potatoes from potatoes that had potato loin clothes, what can you do with the leftover potato loin clothes?  Can you make potato do rags from unused potato loin clothes?  Do potatoes really need do rags?


Answers, KrazyOne, I need answers.

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your question can only be answered if you do not know the answer. Since you already know the answer, that makes you a questionable questionnaire questioning a krazy person

You're just saying that to make me feel bad.
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Damn dogs are still barking and that bald headed loon is tossing potatos at my house while wearing a loin cloth and one of those Steve Martin arrows through the head things.

If you don't like my hood.... GET OUT! 

I run this place you old geezer! 

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