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There's Tulsa time, and then there's Tybee time. Kinda long.


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It's a well known fact.  Things on Tybee always start late for some reason or other.  And finish later, for some reason or other. 
Cornhole tournament today to raise money for a family in Pembroke, GA.  Short notice as the word came out on Tuesday.  Sunday, 12/14, 10:00-13:00.  Anyone who knows Tybee, knows that most Tybeenians are still recovering from Saturday night at 10:00AM Sunday.  Still, eighteen people showed up, eventually.  Then there was the bracket sheet that no one had that someone, me, had to bicycle home and print one out real quick.  Then since it was only 11:30 by then, it was deemed good for everyone to play a practice game before things started.
When the practice games were done, it was pretty close to 12:30, which is when the convenience store could start selling beer.  So we waited until they opened and people stocked up on beer.  However, Fireball shots were being handed out, for charity of course, so those were popular until the beer showed up.
You may be asking how come they didn't bring beer to begin with, they did.  But between 10:00 and 12:30, they drank it all.  So the first game started at 13:00.  And with such stellar play, it took three hours for 9 teams to decide the winner.  My team won the loser's bracket, then lost to the eventual winners.  So I got a t-shirt that has 'Second Place' on the sleeve.  Not sure if I like that, and it's too small, but who's complaining.  :P
Oh, here is a pic of a pause in the action while we waited for pizza to be delivered from Huc-A-Poo's.

Then after that it got serious as some of these guys really hate to lose, but our team accommodated them as best we could, until the last game.

The family in need is in dire straits, as the husband was the sole provider, and he died Tuesday after contracting spinal meningitis. The wife is a homemaker who had to stay home to care for their two children who are handicapped. All of the money raised goes to them, and one of the guys from Wilmington Island is matching the funds raised from his "Wilmington Wish" fund he does, along with a LOT of canned goods he has that were donated from another fund raiser he did last week.

One thing Tybee does is help out people in need when they need it. There are some really good people on the island. We may party a lot, but we do it for good causes.  :nod head:

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