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An interesting day


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I took one of my 9 anemones into the local fish store for a week of treatment. Somehow this thing got sick and had a gaping mouth and deflated tentacles. Well I was there I got a phone call from another aquarium enthusiast friend of mine that said he had a surprise for me and to come over...

Knowing if I got a call like that from Kzoo, I would really be suspicious.
I head to south Milwaukee to see what the big deal was about. He decided to start to tear down his main tank and wanted to give me one of his cactus corals and a few other small corals that were starting to grow out of control.

My first work problem came along when I got home and had to figure out where I was going to place all the new pets I have. I think I can finally say I might have to start saving up money to get a larger tank..

Anyone want to buy me a 180gal saltwater tank? You know you want to :)

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