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Cheesecake = overrated


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So I was watching football yesterday at a buddy's place, and his female counterpart was flitting about town, doing this, doing that, etc.  She brings home a Junior's cheesecake, makes a biggish deal about how I should at least try it.  Ok, I will try this thing.


For those that don't know, Junior's is famous for cheesecake.  I never tried it because most cheesecake kind of sucks, unless you like that kind of thing, then it just sucks for me.


Anyway, it was very rich and cheesey, I suppose.  Meh.  No graham cracker crust, and where is the sour cream?  Double meh.


You have been warned.

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I agree.  I never much cared for cheesecake.  I don't even like the name.


I don't think I would categorize it as "cake".  It is really more of a pie.  I think they called it cheesecake because cake is better than pie, and they wanted to sex it up by using cake's name to reflect unwarranted glory on their creation.


It is really quite deceptive.

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