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Muhahahahahaha, Monday morning office edition


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I ate poorly this weekend.  Lots of cheese, cured meats, some pulled pork, some BBQ chicken and more than a bit of scotchy, scotchy, scotch!


So, I get to the office this morning and the coffee that I have been chugging must have worked something loose in my jsharr inner workings.


I did the only thing I could do, I headed for the mens room.  The relief was immediate and palpable and the odor was not very nice.


Just as I was about to finish up and head back to my office, I hear the bathroom door open, I hear a few foot steps, a pause and then I hear the door close!  Yep, I am evil


I almost felt bad, but not too bad.  Poor dude probably had to head downstairs to the restroom on 23!

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I like to turn the lights out when I leave when I know someone else is in the restroom.  Too bad they left.

We used to be the only tenants on another floor.  The big anchor tenant in the building, an over night delivery company called FedEx found out about this and we would often see people that did not work ofr us on our floor.


We had a whistle we would use in the bathroom.  If you heard the whistle, you had to whistle back the correct response, or you would get the lights turned out on you.


Another guy in our office used to leave un eaten fast food in the stalls, more as a prank.  You would walk in a stall and find some fries and a packet of ketchup.

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Many years ago when I worked at the Naval Shipyard, some of the tradesmen who were outside workers (riggers and such) had nowhere to go to eat their lunch, except to trek a long ways back to their respective shops.  The men's heads on the piers were heated and had places to sit.  Many a time, I saw workers sitting in the stalls eating their lunch.  Seriously.   :o

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