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Does anyone know......


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if JSharr runs a food truck?


An out of town food truck rumbled into town this weekend declaring "Traditional Texas BBQ"  I was wandering by so I moseyed on over and innocently asked, "Does your chili have beans in it?"


What I got was a 10 minute dissertation on the history of chili, it's Texas roots and how everyone else has bastardized chili by putting beans in it, so "No" he claims he would NEVER put beans in his chili.  After he finished is very passionate reply, I wondered if I "knew" this guy because I had heard all this before, so I asked him if he ever put his shirt on inside-out.  Both he and WoZ were looking at me like I was an idiot.


On a side note, fantastic chili, my wife claims it is the best she has ever eaten

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This one just won't go away, ever.  


Chili has beans in it.  If it doesn't have beans in it, it is just meat sauce, in TX or other states.   I would also claim that chili must have meat in it, as well, but then where did the "con carne" come from?  I would take this as proof that all chili, historically, contained beans originally, but meat was optional until it fully evolved.  Only delusional types claim chili has no beans in it.


Note that I did not say "delusional types or Texans" because I feel that that would have been unfair to delusional types, or at least be redundant.

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Chili was developed to cover up the rotting meat, the beans were added later to make it more of a meal

yeah, that makes sense.  driving THOUSANDS of head of cattle to market and carrying rotted meat.  No wonder you guys lost the Revolution and would be speaking German right now if we had not come along.

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Zephyr, I didn't know they had barbecue trucks on the east side of the Island. I've had some good sushi in your part of the world, but a truck offering Traditional Texas Sushi probably wouldn't do all that well.

I'm not sure where this guy came from, I have never seen this truck here before. I usually limit my food truck buys here to fish tacos at Tacofino when I am on the west coast but I had to try this whole bean less chili thing.
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