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Why can't I edit a post that I posted 3 hours and 20 minutes ago?


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Possibly because people before you decided to exit in style by going back and deleting their posts making other posts nonsensical.


The limit is currently set to 60 minutes.


If you beg or bribe a mod, they may help you out.


Why don't we meet in the middle and make it 4 hours.   :)

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Okay, it's now 4 hours.



I'd like to suggest that SW set it up so that the more posts a Fourmite has, the longer time he gets to edit.  Each post gives one more minute of time to edit.


It would encourage more lively conversations once people realize there's an actual reward for participating.


And it wouldn't be all that hard to set up in the software, because the Forum is already set up to automatically track everyone's potato points.


Isn't it? :dontknow:



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Does this include the topic line???  I have wanted to "Update" via the topic line and can't.....I did not know I needed to bribe to do that...I will try that next time.   :nod head:

'&do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>

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