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Big Cities ranked by Food


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San Francisco does have amazing food.  I had forgotten, until I went on a trip recently and I stopped to enjoy the day in SF.  I had one of the best crab cakes of my life there.  SF, Seattle and Portland do have great food.  I am happy every time I need to dine in these cities.  We are headed to San Jose soon, and I look forward to the trip.  Friends & good food!

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Might be #25, but we know how to drink

Population: 1,555,908 (MSA)
Milwaukee is famous for beer and cheese. And beer cheese. And beer cheese soup, which pairs wonderfully well with its other signature dishes: brats, pretzels, and butter burgers. And curds. It’s the drunchies capital of the US, and we love it. Nowadays, there are upscale restaurants making splashes in the city’s food scene. We implore you, Milwaukee: don’t change. Unless somebody figures out how to incorporate foie gras into beer cheese soup, you’re fine the way you are.

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I have had some good meals in Philadelphia, but I still haven't managed to get myself to Federal Donuts.  It sounds like restaurant utopia to me:  fried chicken and donuts, together.


Yeah, I had good eats there, too.  I like food.


The list seems reasonable, except for the top two.  New Orleans?  Everything has fish heads in it, at least on the menus I have looked at.  I haven't been to New Orleans, but there is no way it could possibly beat NYC, none.

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