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Hey small world event at work today.


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We took delivery of some of our new chairs ...from some freight company.  So I went to let the guy in on the dock...and it was a guy I worked with in the mid to late 90's...he was one of the drivers at the freight company where I first worked in  24/7 call center for same day delivery of computer parts and later in the Minneapolis warehouse to actually keep the stock....


It was just strange....I looked at him...and called him by name...heck I don't remember the name of everyone I worked with in the last 3 or 4 jobs...can't believe I pulled that one out of my hat.

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You know about "small" worlds..

<runs away>


KRAZY!!!!! Never piss off or mock a vertically challenged person. They fully subscribe to the "Vengeance is a dish best served cold" philosophy. You now are going to have to look over your shoulder on a regular basis.

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