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The new year and new parts


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I spent a couple of hours yesterday with a friend who has a small carbon fiber parts shop in his former garage.  We were designing a new chassis for my superstock drag car.  He has a "small" CNC milling machine that weighs about 400lbs.  I originally went to visit him for some mods to existing parts I had but it turned into a whole new concept chassis.

I also diagnosed the mysterious "random" shutoff of my best throttle cpu.  As usual that the operator didn't know what he was doing due to a failure to fully understand the instructions.  It seems that the unit has a built in remote off function enabled when the brakes are held full on for more than 6 seconds.  My normal starting line procedure is to hold full brakes till launch.  Sometimes that would be more than 6 seconds and at the green light the car would be dead.  Fixed it by altering the software settings and disabling "auto off".

The stock class car is ready for testing in the spring.  All it needs is a fresh battery to be purchased when the weather gets warm again.

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