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Ooooohhhh... that's scary

Mr. Silly

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Fair.  I have a hard time getting in practice time.  I'm on page 20 or so of book 1.  I suspect I'll be in book 1 for a while and my daughter will pass me.   :)


I do enjoy playing, I need to make it more as part of my routine.


You don't need to apologize for the speed you're going through the book, it is not a race.

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I plan to go slow, I go to my lesson every two weeks.  I won't move on to the next item until I feel confident with the section I am on.  I haven't read music in decades, it is clearly like starting over again.  I know there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will be able to play and have fun in a year or two.  I can learn by watching others, but I'd rather know a little of the theory behind what I am learning.

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