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5 hours ago, MoseySusan said:

How’s your gut holding out? That’s a lot of anti-biotic. 

Nothing anywhere near the "typical" reaction - if anything, the opposite. That's probably related to the fact that I'm still eating a fraction of what I usually eat.  

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17 minutes ago, MoseySusan said:

Right. And you’ve lost some weight. Did the doctor say anything about electrolytes or protein drinks, yogurt,  blood pressure? 

Only yogurt... but I'm off dairy;  I have some plant based "yogurt" options but I'm not sure if they really have cultures. My BP is OK - I think it was 110/75 at this last visit (that's typical for me). I've had plenty of Gatorade, and now taking Florastor. And i just ate a big bowl of leftover Chinese food that tasted really good. 

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