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Will Southwest Airlines survive?


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1 hour ago, jsharr said:

This latest debacle is going to cost them hundreds of millions of dollars and they have to completely revamp their crew scheduling and communications systems. It sounds like. Daunting task.

I think no. Maybe. But they’re going to take a big hit and I suspect if they make it, they will be a shell of their former selves and have to regrow their business. They were told by internal employees this could be a problem and brass sat on it. Now they get to pay the piper. Upper management gambled and lost.

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47 minutes ago, 2Far said:

Eh, airline passengers have a short memory. Upgrade the crew tracking, have a better EAP. The A-B-C-D-E-A route system is always going to be problematic, whenever the glitches occur. 

Most airline passengers research the lowest possible price with little thought as to what is really best for their needs.

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1 hour ago, maddmaxx said:

Bankruptcy and reorganization is a wonderful thing for somebody.

Maybe....  but I'm sure these people won't like it anytime soon.    I can't imagine what it would be like to be stranded for days at an airport. 

People go through airport security stations in the foreground as a huge crowd of people wait in line in the background.

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