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The doctor's gave her 2 weeks


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3 minutes ago, BR46 said:

Could it be that all the different medications she was on was what was making her sick? 

Now that she stopped taking them her body is healing itself? 


I remember visiting my mother.  I noticed the dinning room table looked like a pharmacy.  My sisters both live about 1/2 mile from my parrents home.  I asked... and one sister told me she tracked all of the meds my mother was taking. :facepalm:    I wondered how can anyone take soooo many medications.  

Prayers for you mother. 

4 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I do think the body works to heal itself. 

I agree..

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4 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

Too many medications are what killed my mother.  She had a bout of bad diarrhea and got dehydrated.  The kidneys are supposed to filter out leftover medicine and when they don't work properly the medication levels get too high.  She went into a toxic shock sort of situation and never recovered.

That is awful. 

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This is one of the key reasons I hesitate to start on BP meds. Even the doctors say it appears to be genetic. I can cut out some more salt, but otherwise I live a healthier lifestyle than my doctors. 
My dad started with BP meds and it seemed like it was a slippery slope after that. His quallity of life the last 15 years was awful and he really didn’t live any longer than his ancestors. 

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3 hours ago, Parsnip Totin Jack said:

Dr: you’re dying, anytime now. 
MoBR46: No, I’m not

Dr: any day now.

MoBR46: the fuck you say sonny? See you next month.

Dr: I’m pleased you’re improving. You are obviously following my advice. 
MoBR46: fuck off ya little shit, according to you I’d have been six feet under by now. Where’d I leave my helmet, I’m riding sidecar on my son’s motorcycle. 

I know this is mean but my mom would laugh 


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