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I am sick


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Sorry, DH


I saw on TV news that you should go to the doctor right away and get some flu meds, like Tamiflu.  They insist that you go right away after becoming sick because the meds only help if taken within the first 48 hours of the illness.


Was the piece sponsored by Tamiflu?

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In relation to your barfing post, I'm happy you're sick.  Better that than a side effect of the new meds.

I hope you get well soon.


Here's a little eye candy.








Thanks.  The guy in the middle is just too big.  Super fit, but slightly too much beast.  HAHA

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Sorry you're not feeling well.  Flu sucks.  Stay hydrated and get lots of rest.  For entertainment I'll tell you some stories.  A coworker's Father passed away last year and she is trying to get her Mom to do something with her Dad's stuff (clothes and things) that her Mom won't part with.  She was looking for someone to make a quilt out of her Dad's shirts and stuff to give to her Mom.  My assistant, who sews but doesn't quilt, knew that my wife quilts.  We got this lady together with my wife to discuss the project.  My wife learned that her Dad was a Minister and always wore dress clothes (shirts and ties).  My wife came up with a design that used his ties to make a cross and shirt and pants fabric to make a starburst pattern.  The quilt is coming together well.  She just needs to sew the border on it and quilt the whole thing with batting and backing fabric.  It should be ready by Christmas.  The nice part is that with 60 hours of work, my wife should get paid $1,800 to $2,200 but this woman can't afford that.  My wife is charging her $200 plus material cost and will retain the design rights.  This will help in starting her quilting business.

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