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I did a very bad thing today.


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1 minute ago, Airehead said:

Oops meant she. Weather looks nice too

If mid 40s, fog and drizzle are nice winter weather. :angry:  Also it is good when the dogs at an event get along and don't try to fight.

There was also a poodle, golden retriever, one that looked part border collie and a small dog wearing a sweater that said spoiled.  There were no Airedales. Maybe someday we can fix that problem.

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4 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I made a resolution to start running again. I need you to send me the link for a harness for Paulie.  He says he wants to run with me. 

https://howlingdogalaska.com/  Their belts and lines aren't bad but I have others I like a little better.  Get a belt and I can make you a line that i think is better than the ones you find on that site.

http://www.kenosharunningcompany.com/ has some very good gear.   They  have the howling dog alaska belts too but this is my favorite belt. 

It is more comfortable than any other i have tried.  I have several Howling Dog Alaska belts that I loan out at classes.  Got them used from a mushing school near Buffalo NY.


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