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It's times like this I really need to consult with Cheese


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I was watching the first episode of Andy of Mayberry today and Barney told Andy that he wanted to be extra diligent so that everyone would know he got the deputy job because he was the most qualified of all the applicants.  He then said "thanks Cousin Andy" and Andy responded "You're welcome, Cousin Barney".

Did we know they were cousins?  Is this something that was brought up in other episodes?  Or was it never mentioned again? 

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This is sad too..

"Aunt Bee did not like Andy.

Yes, sadly, this rumor is true- Francis Bavier, for whatever reason, never liked Andy Griffith. Andy Griffith admitted he never quite understood her dislike. In 1972, long after the series was cancelled, Andy and Ronnie Howard paid a visit to Francis' home. They were turned away.

In 1989, shortly before her death, Francis told Andy she regretted they were not closer all those years."

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