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* Wordle for Monday, 1/2/23 *

Road Runner

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5 minutes ago, jsharr said:

Almost forgot to guess 

That was Sunday's Wordle.  :)

In your time zone, you'll have to wait another 45 minutes or so to see Monday's Wordle.  

On the positive side, you should now be able to solve it in one guess.  :)

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52 minutes ago, Ralphie said:

Actually after close scrutiny I think that is a skort. Or possibly a jumpsuit. 

Skirt, skort. whatever...  I think you are missing the point.  The exact name of her attire isn't important.  It's the legs.  It's always about the legs.  :)


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44 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

I thought I was playing “Strip” for my second guess, but was too asleep to notice.


And it begs the question, WTH is a stirp?  A stirrup? Like surp for syrup? brb! Hmm - so I would think you knew that from your medical education, except for it being a slip of a digit.

stirp (plural stirps or stirpes) (biology, anthropology) A line descended from a single ancestor. (systematics) A line descending from a single extant ancestor, a lineage descending from a supergenerative species.

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