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The Rose Parade is starting soon!!!


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My mom loved the Rose Parade and we went often as a child.  Honestly I hated going… Sleeping in the street, (I don’t even remember where we went to the bathroom) & freezing my ass off all night only to get crowded by late comers. 

I do remember floats would often drop flowers and my mom would send my brother & I out to get them. 

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I don't think I would have enjoyed sleeping out either, but it is fun to watch.  But they're just starting the mid-parade act and that is a terrible addition.  Floats, horses, bands - YES, bad singers- NO.  At least the singer in the opening act was from Pasadena.

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6 minutes ago, sheep_herder said:

My wife, who went many times, tired of all the interviews and commercials, and gave up watching today on tv.

The local CW channel in NY had the commercial free coverage from KTLA (the local LA station) .  It was almost as good as the old HGTV coverage.

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