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New Year, new shoes

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1 hour ago, smudge said:

These are HoSmudge 's new boots. His feet are so swollen it's really tough to get footwear for him. I saw these and said we could put his felt liners from his old winter boots in them. They work!

No, they are not fast. But they will be warm. 


So he’s back to work?  Great news. 

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1 hour ago, Tizeye said:

Their fit is like a pair of Italian driving gloves on your feet.

I have always lusted after a sweet pair of Sidi’s but they just don’t fit my feet right. I tried the mega’s too and they just aren’t comfy.  Giro and Shimano shoes have always worked well for me.

I grew tired of the numerous comments & attention towards my “pink” Giro Empire shoes so got a pair of black Shimano XC 5’s.  I also had Road Runner Sports make me custom fitted insoles and they are my go to shoes now for my Ritchey & Anthem.  I have some older Specialized road shoes I wear with my Bianchi’s Look pedals.

My Giros, I love the fit & feel of these but damn they draw a lot of attention.


My current shoes


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