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It looks like it's settling in nicely.  The scars seem like those of a formerly feral cat.

My sister adopted to feral kittens from the county animal shelter and they've grown to become house cats but they're not lap cats.  They rub against my leg and love to be petted but won't get on my lap or jump up on me with paws at my shoulders to purr like some previous cats.

Here's one of the formerly-feral's getting a drink and stealing some of the dogs' dry Pedigree Small Dog food.



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12 hours ago, smudge said:

From what I've heard the lady 's lap is another good option, especially for TV watching. 

On the towel only. She is uptight. I just had that delicious kibble and she is letting me relax a while in this cold morning.




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5 minutes ago, Parr8hed said:

what is up with waffle's ears?  Why the notches?

There is a local place that took my balls.  Apparently, the ball chopping is free if they allow the place to mutilate my ears like this.  Cheap savages!  

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