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Only public listed companies- incomplete list


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By 9:43 a.m., Canada's richest CEOs have already earned the average worker's annual salary | CBC News

It gives a list of some top Canadian CEO earners...which looks lowish to me.  I haven't had time to read full article, but dollar figure probably doesn't include full compensation /benefit pkg. 

It doesn't include those who are also owners of a company. So very wealthy Canadian folks that own the company aren't listed and they fall around $1+ billion.   Companies in article are publicly listed companies on the stock exchange(s). Somehow it feels as the reporter didn't quite do their research and hence, this article is misleading/too narrow in scope about "wealth" and how one "earns" money.

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21 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

That's why folks hate socialism!  You Canadians are a bunch of socialist elites!

Not my fault, if the article writer did not properly research the topic  or even define the scope of research adequately at the beginning.

I'm giving an off-the-cuff opinion now.....as a researcher now and as someone who has had to conduct research in my paid former jobs for others. 

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