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Ever hear of Wreckless Eric?


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11 minutes ago, Parsnip Totin Jack said:

Yep, I had a Wreckless Eric album and an Ian Drury album around the same time. I liked the sound at the time. Nick Lowe led the charts at the time. 

I like his blurb on his website. Should he be upset because all people know is whole wide world?  Nope!  He should be happy because lots of people know it. :)

And apparently Wreckless Eric is sort of like John Cougar, a name dreamed up by marketing people. In his case to try to compensate for a mild mannered demeanor. 

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Wreckless Eric’s wife (Mrs. Wreckless Eric?) is musician Amy Rigby, who writes some great stuff. She was playing Whole Wide World in her shows when they first met. They sound good together on this tune. You can never have too much farfisa organ. 


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