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are waterbeds still a thing?

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I had a waterbed in college and for a couple years after.  They are nice and warm in the winter, but they are hard to get out of.  You can also feel 'stuck' in them a little.

I think memory foam and latex kind of killed the demand for waterbeds, which have some practical limitations.  They were fun for their time, though.

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34 minutes ago, Airehead said:

I did not like them. Worried about a leak. 


33 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

that would worry me too. Lot of water

I had a leak once.  The leaks don't leak much at all if you aren't on the bed itself, but when you apply your bodyweight, they start to let water out a bit.  Not a huge rush of it, but enough so that you jump off the bed and get a repair kit or a new mattress.

With my leak, I decided that I wanted a new mattress that had foam in it to stop the wave action from being too wavy.   When I moved to San Francisco, I bought a softside waterbed, which had foam around the outside and then you laid individual tubes of water within the foam exterior, and that made waves less of a thing,   It also looked like a real bed.

Waterbed Tube Flee Flow Cylinder System

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