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5 Baltimore high school students shot, 1 dead, across street from school.


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The shooting apparently occurred to students from the low-income-area Edmundson High School while they were at the shopping center across the street from the school during lunch break.

My guess is that drug transactions were involved.

I'm also surprised and dismayed they let kids go out to the shopping center during lunch because I know what many of them eat there.

I taught for two years at the high school from which I had graduated almost two decades earlier and was appalled that students were allowed to go out to the local shopping center and restaurants for lunch.

Many of them bought nothing but bags of potato chips and sugary soft drinks in the supermarkets and then were physically supercharged and hyper for the afternoon!

I personally banned my cross country and track athletes from doing that.  Though I wasn't there to see that it was enforced, I got word from my spies that my athletes were eating regular food.

My ban was objected to for singling out just certain students at a faculty council meeting.  Instead of arguing that good eating was important for good athletic performance, I said, "Fine, let's make it ALL kids - it's also screwing up the educations of a bunch of them after they've had big bags of chips for lunch."  The vote for the ban passed with our Principal's enthusiastic support.  Fortunately, it never got to the student body that I was the instigator.

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