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I had a follow-up with my surgeon today


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1 minute ago, jsharr said:

She?  An avowed misogynist like you let a woman slice and dice that close to your wedding tackle?  

I am no misogynist, sir, chicks are awesome!  I told her that I could kiss her, though, and that she made my health much better.  She was pretty smiley, but I have the impression that she hears that a lot.

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1 hour ago, Kirby said:

:cheerleader:  Yay!  We like good news.

I had lots of food help from the sunshine committee in the form of clear protein drinks, protein jello and smoothies, and regular protein drinks.  Not having to track everything down helped so much!

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14 hours ago, shootingstar said:

Didn't know your surgery meant alot of shifting around inside.

I am probably dramatizing it a bit, but there was a haital hernia repair done first which required some remodeling, spackling, mesh, hammer and nails, and then the other portion of the surgery was to wrap my upper stomach around the esophagus and stitch and bolt everything down like they do in the formula 1 pitstops.

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