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will be mentioned forever...in upcoming published book


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..to be published by an academic press this summer. 

The author, a Canadian history professor, kindly provided draft of manuscript for final comments to folks, whom she interviewed 3 yrs. ago  She probably wants to ensure she hasn't written anything terribly inaccurate or just wrong when she mentions our names.

I am quoted more in book, than I thought I would be. I was just a volunteer (for 5 yrs.), but yes, enthusiastic at that time. I was there, lived it and still around to tell my story bits.

Can't remember how she even tracked me down, since I never knew this author before.  :whistle:  

So much has happened since 3 yrs. ago. Maybe that's why I can't remember.

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30 minutes ago, Kirby said:

That's great, and fun.

Author is in her mid-30's, so she interviewed a whole different generation of folks, in my/our generation.  So she was trying to understand what our group in early 1980's did, which helped inspire / spawn other publications 15 years later in Canada...

It was a heady time...in socio-history. I learned so much too. 

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