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They plowed


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We're unusually warm, in the 60's today and with highs in the 50's and 40's forecast every day through the middle of January.

We are long overdue for a couple 20" or more snow storms. Global Warming is supposed to cause more snow in the Mid-Atlantic because the air coming up from the South is warmer than before so it carries more moisture when it collides with cold air from the north and west.  In Central Maryland we've been dodging bullets for several years while Virginia and other points South get whacked, PA, DE, and NJ get whacked to our North and WVA gets whacked to our West because it's WVA and its mountains often squeeze the moisture out before it gets to us.

But I am prepared, stocked with environmentally ok deicer crystals, shovels and an ice chipper, moved onto my enclosed back porch from the shed.

I also have a grill lighter in case power goes out so I can light my gas range and live in the kitchen if necessary - all my "pilot lights" are electric now.

But we've seldom lost power in my area more than a few hours except during/after some hurricanes.

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5 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

A throuple?!?!?!?  How have we not heard about this???? @Randomguy is our resident throuple student, but @12string made a run at it last year, too!

LAST year?

Just because she moved out doesn't mean she relinquished her rights to nagging, honeydo lists and rescheduling my Christmas week off.  

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