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Would be a drag- hold on national budget decisions


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Once-in-a-century chaos strikes Congress — and its effects could reach beyond the U.S. | CBC News

It would be drag for an internal senior manager in U.S. federal government to have stuff on hold ---or try figure how to move on certain things, if big ticket budget decisions cannot be made.  On a unrelated matter (or maybe it be later) is occasional furloughed services in U.S.  Why does furloughed services in the U.S. normally occur?  

As a distant foreign outsider who doesn't know much, rather interesting.

Am trying to recall if Canadian federal govn't ever shut down a completely critical national /core service for a few wks. because of a budget matter not decided, @ a parliamentary committee on finance or in House of Commons in Parliament.  Covid of course, affected some national govn't services worldwide across countries, for a few months, ago, so that is not the right/fair example. But covid was not a budget matter that delayed/suspended services temporarily.

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