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I just got to play Santa


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My cousin calls me and tells her daughter that Santa was on the phone. You can hear the crying in the background from her daughter.

As her daughter grabs the phone, I ask her if she wanted to stay on the nice list. She tells me yes, and then starts to cry again. I ask her why she was not getting her gloves on for school, and she said she did not need them. I proceeded to tell her it is cold outside and I would hate for her to get first degree frostbite. She might need her hands for her career latter in life.

Anyways.. I did what I could to traumatize her a little since my cousin was not listening in on the call.

I ended with making sure I knew everything she wanted for Christmas, and asked if her if a puppy would be better then all the toys...funny thing is they would never have a dog..im so evil!

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